Impact Anchor Crypto Training Program

Unbank Yourself

Impact Anchor Crypto Training is designed for you to develop the solid foundation necessary to confidently navigate the transformation of our current monetary system. It consists of Crypto Core (4-week program) and Crypto Advance (8-week program).


Our goal is to demystify the jargon and complexities of cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Why Impact Anchor (IA) Crypto Training?

You have probably heard news reports, your friends or family members speaking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency (crypto). From Bitcoin hitting new price milestones to headlines about price ups and downs, something monumental in the crypto industry happens every week.


This may leave you wondering: Is this something that I should participate in, is it safe, or how does it even work?


In the IA Crypto Core and IA Crypto Advance Programs, you will receive the training, tools and resources essential to confidently navigate the digital wealth shift without getting scammed or lost in the weeds. These cryptocurrency training experiences demystify the jargon and complexities of crypto as a new generational wealth building asset. 

Years in this industry have been spent translating technical concepts, crypto jargon and "tech speak" into understandable, real world language.  Now, you don't have to figure it out on your own.


Is this training right for me?

Are you a teachable newbie to crypto, lifelong learner or person who seeks financial empowerment in an interactive, supportive, inclusive environment? If "yes",  then this is the right training program for you. You will be met where you are.


The most important requirements are a positive mindset, an appetite to learn, personal accountability and patience with yourself as you develop this new skillset.


If you are concerned about your schedule and won't be able to attend any of the live classes, it is not a problem. They will be recorded and available for you to view on-demand. 

What You Will Learn

  • What's The Big Picture? What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Why do they exist?
  • Terms that help you understand and speak the lingo
  • How to exchange fiat currency (such as US Dollar) for crypto
  • How to receive and send crypto
  • Ways to protect your assets
  • Tools used in buying and selling cryptocurrency
  • Strategies for ways to unbank yourself
  • Cryptocurrency trading basics
  • Ways to earn crypto by shopping and learning online
  • Ways to use your crypto in the real world
  • How cryptocurrency is disrupting traditional financial systems (Future of Money)
  • And more!

High-level Course Overview

IA Crypto Core


  • Big Picture (History, What is Cryptocurrency? Why is it Important?) 
  • Terminology

Labs: Demonstrations and Explanations

  • Security
  • Exchanges
  • Wallets
  • Buying Your First Cryptocurrency
  • Selling Crypto
  • Sending and Receiving Crypto

Using Crypto in Everyday Life


Introduction to NFTs (Nonfungible Tokens) - Digital Land, Collectables, Art, Gaming etc.


Managing Risk and Avoiding Scams

IA Crypto Advance



Everything in IA Crypto Core Modules

plus the following:



Become Your Own Bank


NFTs (Nonfungible Tokens) - Digital Land, Collectables, Art, Gaming etc.


Introduction to Crypto Trading 101


Decentralized Finance (DeFi)


Earn Passive Income with Masternodes


Future of Money


Bonus Modules



IA Crypto Core

IA Crypto Core

Dates:  March 25 - April 22, 2021

One-Time Payment

  • 4 Week Program

  • Live weekly group calls, on-demanvideos and support.

  • Mobile-Optimized


Two Installments


IA Crypto Advance

Dates:  March 25 - May 20, 2021

One-Time Payment

  • 8 Week Program

  • Live weekly group calls, on-demand videos and support.

  • Mobile-Optimized


Two Installments


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • ​Q: What level of technical or financial experience is needed?

    A: No prior cryptocurrency, finance, accounting, advanced technology or computer science background is required. We will meet you where you are.

  • Q: Due to my travel and/or work schedule, I will miss one of the live sessions. Will it be recorded? 

    A: If you are concerned about your schedule and won't be able to attend any of the live classes, it is not a problem. They will be recorded and available for you to view on-demand. 

  • Q: Do I need to have a certain amount of money to use in this training program?

    A: Because this is an educational program, you may use no money, as little funds or as much money as you want while advancing through this training program. 

  • Q: Do the students in the CORE and ADVANCE programs begin at the same time?

    A:  Yes, both programs share the same initial classes.  Upon graduation of the IA Crypto Core Program, the IA Crypto Advance Students continue progressing through additional training sessions until their graduation date. 

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