IA Crypto Core

In this course, you will develop a solid foundation necessary to confidently navigate the new digital wealth shift. This experience demystifies the jargon and complexities of cryptocurrency and helps you win in the new digital cash economy. This course is delivered by live coaching calls and on-demand videos.

This course removes the cloud of mystery around the world of cryptocurrency. Sonia clearly explains how crypto can be used to enhance your financial portfolio and play a vital role in building generational wealth. 

Melanie N.

Completed Program: 2020

I had no idea what cryptocurrencies were! Sonia did a phenomenal job of helping me understand what cryptocurrencies are, the different types of cryptocurrencies, and how to invest in cryptocurrencies. She was patient with me and broke everything down so that I could understand. She was also available for questions when there was something that I was unsure of. So far I have gotten more than a 30 percent return on what I invested!!

Dawn R.

Prior to the course, I had only heard of cryptocurrency. I was informed by others that it was a risky endeavor. I didn't know of alt coins nor how to venture into the world of cryptocurrency. The instruction was insightful, personable and encouraging. 

J. D.

Completed Program: 2020

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